I have a great love for travel and new adventures, preferring to meander as I immerse myself off the beaten path. Never wanting the norm experience but one that is meaningful and personal. This is carried over into my work with clients - your event experience should be distinctive, not ordinary but extraordinary.


Delphi Lodge 2.JPG
Seaweed bath.JPG

El Salvador

San Salvador Mural.JPG
Handcrafted nativity scene.JPG
Overlooking the volcanoes.JPG

Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston - Vintage Bathroom Calendar Girls .JPG
Charleston Husk Bar Drinks.JPG
Charleston - Hominy Grill.JPG


Maine Baxter Brewing Co Beer.JPG
Maine Fall Leaf.jpg
Maine Five Kezar Ponds.JPG


Strasbourg France Holiday Bakery Window.JPG
Colmar Germany Christkindl Market Ski Tree.JPG
Colmar Germany Christkindl Market Santa.jpg